the faerie fields

hey! we're comet, a 17 year old queer disabled plural system. we have an almost infinite system member count, with over 100+ known members. we currently have no host, however we do have some select reoccurent fronters. we're very spiritual! we don't share a lot of our practice with people we arent close to, but we love to talk about it with people! we're also intersex, as well as having several disabilities. we are autsistic, which makes us use tone indicators a lot, and we have a bad time reading tone, so be paitent with us on that front.

current main outernaut is snail. ey uses ey/em and he/him pronouns. ey's a transmasc faeure boy. ey is one of the kers (the orignial members in our system) and often gets frontstuck. ey is also nonhuman and has a SpIn in witchcraft and minecraft! ey is the one around most often, so you'll probably see a lot of em! ey's pluralkit profile is here.

the second main outernaut is texas! ze uses ze/zir pronouns primarly, but also uses he/him pronouns. ze's a trans man who has some extra xenogenders thrown on top. as well as an outernaut, ze's an aggressive protector and a ker! ze's nonhuman, and loves to talk about nearly anything with people! he has a lot of kids insys. ze's pluralkit profile is here.